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Managing Your Business Can Be Hard. We Make It Easier.

KPI Dashboards

  • Track Profit and Loss By job and company.

  • Check your business analytics at the click of a button!

  • How is your sales team is performing? 

  • Which employee is bringing in the most revenue?

  • Track active service agreements, and so much more!

  • Divide your company up into different revenue stream (classes) and get accurate data.

Advanced Schedule

  • Now, scheduling has never been easier, thanks to Infiniserv! 

  • Take the guesswork out of scheduling, and have all the needed information in front of you while taking customer calls.

  • Our interactive schedule will make recommendations to your dispatchers based on skill and location to speed up the process and reduce time spent on the phone.

  • Click and drag feature

  • Priority to type of calls 



  • Most advanced estimating software out there.

  • Estimate in a flash with InfiniServ's speedy click-and-insert estimating function! 

  • Customize your Products and Services book however you want!

  • Send off professionally formatted Estimates as soon as you are finished.

  • Edit the pricing in your price book fast to stay up to date with price changes.

  • Send multiple options to your customers

  • see the last time customers view your estimates


  • Invoicing has not always been the most straightforward process, especially when using one of our competitors, but now it will always be a breeze! 

  • Create percentage-based invoices from estimates or add additional billable items as jobs progress.

  • Get a clear and accurate picture of outstanding balances at any given time.

  • See aging reports by whole company or per department.

Payment Processing

  • Take payments from ANYWHERE!

  • Once your invoice is sent, customers will have the option to make a payment online thanks to our partners at Gravity Payments!

Timesheet Tracking

  • Are you worried that your jobs aren't starting on time? Not anymore! 

  • Our time sheets will categorize per QuickBooks class and tell you cost per tech on each job.  

  • See which appointments your teams are at on our Map page!

Custom Forms

  • Do you have specific questions to ask when scheduling a visit or onboarding a customer? No problem! 

  • With our Custom Forms, add any questions you need and have them show up wherever necessary: planning a visit, signing up a service agreement, onboarding a new customer, and more!

  • Keep track of all responses neatly organized on a customers profile

  • Refer to past responses to ensure you're working with the most accurate information!

Permit Tracking

  • See the status of any and every permit you have at the moment!

  • Track when permits have been approved, paid, inspected, and cleared!

  • Take the guesswork out of the permitting process! Have the start date, end date, and the scope of work all in one place!

  • links to town website for easy town look up.

Service Agreement Tracking

  • Sick of tracking service agreements on a spreadsheet?

  • InfiniServ tracks all your active service agreements in one place.

  • Check what type of agreement a customer, get notified when it's about to expire, and get all of the expected service dates all at once!


  • Never forget a warranty type again!

  • With tags, create any number of categories for customers and display them right at the top of their profile!

  • Use them for warranty types, mark them for outstanding balances, or remember who is a part of rebate programs


Customer Email Notifications

  • Notify customers of estimates, invoices, appointments and more with the click of a button! 

Job Tracking

  • Track gross profit, manage site visits, and invoice all in one place!

  • From an estimate, create a job where you can: track site visits, hours worked, add additional billable items, track both overdue and in-progress invoices, and more!

Ready to Kickstart Your Business?

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