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Link your QuickBooks and InfiniServ accounts to sync your Customers, Payments, and Invoices swiftly and continuously!  

Zero Waste Store


All customers, as well as their addresses and contact information, will sync seamlessly! Anyone you've saved with QuickBooks will also be available for estimating, invoicing, and billing on InfiniServ!

Credit Card Purchase


Once you've entered a payment or a customer has paid an invoice online using Gravity, a record of that payment is synced with QuickBooks to the appropriate invoice! Already have payment records in QuickBooks? Those will be synced into InfiniServ as well!



Any invoice you've created in InfiniServ will immediately get created in QuickBooks, with matching invoice numbers and line items for accurate record-keeping!

Packages on Shelves

Products and Services

Do you have a complete price book on QuickBooks? With the click of a button, any products and services are pulled into InfiniServ and organized the same way you had them before!

QuickBooks Connection

For users with admin access

1 / Go to Division Details

You can find this within Account Settings: in the tab marked "Divisions" click on the dropdown and select "Division"

2 / Click on the "Connect to QuickBooks" button

On the top right, you will find a button labeled "Connect to QuickBooks" click it and you will be taken to an intuit landing page.

3 / Enter your QuickBooks Credentials

Log in to QuickBooks and your InfiniServ.Pro account will officially be connected to QuickBooks!

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